Short Story Competition

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Irish Writers Union intends running “The Irish Writers Short Story competition 1916” during the year. If any of our members would like to make suggestions or give advice, we would lend an attentive ear. The Union would envisage a theme with titles such as “My Homeland“, “Freedom“, “Changes“,” “The Street” and so on. The wordage would be somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000. The entry fee would be €8.00 per person per entry and we intend seeking sponsorship and prizes and to have a celebrity present the winners at the Irish Writers Union premises in 19 Parnell Square Dublin on a specified date. If you are interested please contact the Union on  and spread the word to your “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Linked in” and social media friends or send your entries to the Irish Writers Union at 19 Parnell Square with a cheque or postal order. We would encourage you to enter and spread the word as success could kickstart your career or enhance it.

Good luck to everybody.

James Michael Harpur and Lucille Redmond