Cadmium Green;  It is used as a colour for the sea.

Cadmium Orange;The colour has a high tinting strength and opacity and is slow to dry.

Cadmium Lemon Yellow; The colour has a high tinting strength and is very slow to dry.You can mix it with Cadmium Red to make a cadmium orange. 

Cadmium Red; This is the classic warm red. It is made from an artificial mineral pigment. This colour is not transparant.It also helps to darken the skin colour

Cadmium Yellow;This colour has a fairly high tinting strength and opacity and again is slow to dry.you can get an “earth” colour by mixing Cadmium Red, Raw Sienna and White.

Cadmium Yellow Pale;This is a popular oil colour.

Carbon Dating; It cannot be used on materials less than 50 years old but  is reliable up to 40,000 years. The slight drawback is, that to do the test, you need to destroy part of the object -about the size of a postage stamp to be precise.

Cezanne, Paul (1839-1906);He was a post impressionist French painter who made a bridge between impressionist painting and cubism.(I like his “Card Players “which now resided in Qatar). It was once stolen and commemorated on a French Postage stamp.

Colour Wheel; Every artist should have one and use it.