ALCOHOL; To remove a layer of oil paint or oil use the solvent alcohol which is very strong. 

“ARNOLFINI WEDDING”;In the year 1434,Jan van Eyck did this painting of the merchant Giovani de Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife on three oak panels in oil paint.The couple are standing in a room in their house in Brughes in Belgium. he used lairs of translucent colours to get his effects. (dementions 82.2 cm x 60 cm) or ( 32.4 inches x 23.6 inches).

ARSENIC; There is arsenic in Orpiment Yellow which is a pigment. This colour is not used by modern painters because of its poisonous nature.it was used in the “Arnolfini Wedding ” by Jan van Eyck. 

AZURITE BLUE; This is a vivid blue colour. It is a mineral found in copper mines and can be seen in the famous painting called “The Arnolfini Wedding” by Jan van Eyck.