Trump’s visit ?

Rumours of President Donald Trump’s visit to Darndale are going the rounds.


Secrets of an agent

I attended the Irish Writers Union AGM in Parnell Square last Saturday. The main speaker was Jonathan Williams, living in Ireland but Welsh in origin. He gave an excellent motivational speech. The bullet points were as follows; the submission of a novel must be businesslike and economical; Go straight to the chase; Title names and addresses and wordage are a priority ; he does not like tomes; Not a great fan of Science Fiction; History and historical fictionand memoirs  are in vogue; He takes a 10% cut of any deal he takes on; He receives thousands of submissions and if there is a bad presentation or misspelling the game is over.

There is much more advise available to those who are interested but he was the icing on the cake at a very successful AGM chaired by Helen Dwyer.