Utility Box Project (11)

Box is nearing completion. Some more detail needed on shadows and flower pots not to mention the sides and back of what we now call “Joyce Box”


Utility Box Project (8)

Maeve Taylor dropped by for a chat with myself and Macker. She said that painting the utility boxes would add a bit of colour to Coolock  Village.  Maeve is a reputable artist in her own right and has landscape paintings hanging in the Waldock Art Gallery  in Dublin. Maeve claim to fame is that she was the model for the  “Mother Ireland” statue in the Custom  House by Yann Renard-Goulet a French sculpter.

Utility Box Project (7)

Out in the miday sun I met “Matress Mick” who was in Coolock  Village. His philosophy is “everybody has to go to bed”. His “base” is in the Coolock Industrial Estate of the Malahide Road and he sell mattresses all across Dublin. He has breakfast in “Insomnia”.He liked the idea of painting Utility boxes to brighten up the village.