1916 Exhibition at the Ambassador

I was in Dublin town today and decided to visit the 1916 Revolution exhibition in the Ambassador at the Parnell Monument. Enquiring at the counter as to the price I was told €15. I considered that expensive. I felt it should be free …but what hell. I admired the murals on the walls depicting the rebellion as I climbed the stairs to the first floor. They were done by Belfast artist Danny Devenny. It was about 2.30pm and poorly attended. I

sat down and looked at the newsreel in black and white playing out the background and details of the action and the aftermath. I did not wait too long as I was familiar with all this. I then viewed some “Peter the Piper” guns and memerabelia and took photographs as I was allowed to do. There was excellent coverage of all the major players decorating the walls and a day by day array of events. I covered the upstairs display fairly quick. On the landing were two of the rebels in glass cages. I entered the downstairs section where there was a facsimile of the old GPO with a telephone booth in the center. I was allowed to pick up the old earpiece but as I did Mary rang me on the mobile and I was acutely aware that I had jumped 100 years. The charcoal tapestry of the rising showing all the major players and was very oppressive.  The caretaker told me it had taken the artist2016-03-10 23.36.34.jpg

Danny Devenny, four years to complete his artwork and full credit is due to him. I then went to a replicate of Patrick Pearce’s in Kilmainham. One of the visitors remarked to me that he had been in the real cell.We then proceeded to Henry Place and into Plunketts Replicate shop with a hole in the wall. There was a replicate stone breakers wall and sandbags and a chair where the exacutions to place but I was not impressed. Patrick Pierces revolver was on display in a case under glass. There was also a replica of Michael Collins car which had been left behind by the British. I was little disappointed as I thought it might have been the O Rahilly De Dion – bouton car. The caretaker was not aware of this car. I went into the souvenir shop and the catalogues were €10 . I did not buy. It was a nice exhibition but overpriced.2016-03-10 23.34.31.jpg


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