I did this oil painting of Pope Innocent X (after  Diago Valazquez.)pope innocent x


1916 “A”Rebellion Index

This is my “A”index for people who were living in the year 1916 or who were involved with the  rebellion in some form or other. If people know of other names starting with “A” please let me know. Please check if there are any errors or if dates are wrong. If you want to include other names starting with a i will try to include them. Thank you.

a 1916 index

Antique Fair-Clontarf Castle

20160313_155412Mary and I visited the Antique  Fair  in Clontarf Castle.  After the obligatory  cup of coffee (overpriced) we made our way to the downstairs rooms. It was €3.50 per person and as it turned out good value for money. There were a variety of stalls well turned out and well presented, selling comic books, paintings, silverware and rings and various  nick nacks. I met my friend Frank O’Dea owner of Balla Ban Gallery,20160313_155433.jpgselling Knuttel family art, minature’s by Pervanah  Mathews, cartoons by Ray Sherlock and Frank’s own shady ladies (painted manaquins). I even invested in an excellent book by John De Courcy Ireland entitled ” The Sea and the Easter Rising”.

Copper Face Jack (1739-1798)

I did this cartoon illustration of Copper Faced Jack in acrylic paint. John Scott was his rral name. He was around in 1798 but was not involved in the rising.He lived in Clonmel House 17 harcourt Street Dublin 2 and his official title was First earl of Clonmel. His charming nickname was as a result of the tan he got while on holiday.The hotel called Copper Face Jack at 38-39 Harcourt Street is named in his honour.COPPER FACED JACK