I did this illustration diagram of the Battle of Ashbourne. Thomas Ashe led his flying column raiding across North County Dublin and County Meath. On  Friday 28th April 1916 they attacked Balrath barracks and the Royal Irish Constables defending it were on the point of surrender. Suddenly a large convoy of armed constables arrived from Slane. Thomas Ashe and Lieutenant Mulcathy decided to fight against superior odds at the Cross of Rath. Leaving two men to keep the police pinned down in the barracks the leading police car was ambushed by Charlie Weston’s men and Inspector Grey was one of the first to fall in a hail of gunfire. . Unable to advance the police piled out of the vans and sought cover. The volunteers attacked from the rear and from the high ground and when Detective Harry Smyth fell mortally wounded, the battle was over, having lasted most of the afternoon. The barracks surrendered and volunteers had won a stunning victory  and had suffered two fatal casualties. BATTLE OF ASHBOURNE   


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