“THE O’RAHILLY”1875-1916

“THE  O’RAHILLY; Michael Joseph O ‘Rahilly was a founder member of the Volunteers in 1913. He was from Ballylongford in County Kerry. Although against the Rising he threw in his lot with the rebels, arriving in his Di Dion-Bouton car full of arms and ammunition. He was mortally wounded by machine gun fire while leading a charge down Moore Street during the escape from the General Post Office which was in flames.  He scribbled a note to his wife

“Darling Nancy I was shot leading a rush up Moore Street and took refuge in a doorway. While I was there I heard the men pointing out where I was and made a bolt for the lane way I am in now. I got more than one bullet I think. Tons and tons of love dearie to you and the boys and to Nell and Anna. It was a good fight anyhow. Please deliver this to Nannie O’ Rahilly, 40 Herbert Park, Dublin. Goodbye Darling”.

the orahailly


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