Art education is a priority .It should be taught in schools from an early stage and continued throughtout life. People like Rembrandt and Rubens, Picasso and Van Gough inspire and uplift the spirit and this is a positive thing and should be encouraged. It coordinates  the eye and the brain and the hand and helps to prevent altsimer,s. I did this painting of Saint Annes  Park some years a go and it brings back great memories. Everybody can paint and as to whether it is good bad or indifferent “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”   


2 thoughts on “ART EDUCATION

  1. I agree with you, James. Art was not on the curriculum when I was at school. I discovered Art in later life. It is a great hobby and very therapeutic.
    Your work is excellent, James and a great inspiration and encouragement. Regards Mona

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